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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. it's 11. do you know where your children are? now "abc2 news at 11. tonight, do you know this man? police are look for him saying he targets women late at night. bats, attack people in this apartment complex. now they are getting told to get treated for rabies. tonight, we look at how the apartment complex is responding and later, do you allow your young children online? do they have facebook and twitter accounts? how young is too young. abc2 news at 11 starts right now. baltimore city police want to know if you have seen this man right here. 26-year-old jerry who is wanted in connection with robberies inneighborhoods around southeast baltimore amount group of women say he robbed them after they left a restaurant. christian schaeffer is following the case that has other women in the neighborhood
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worried that might be next. >> reporter: that robbery happened here in the eastern edge of fells point. police bloaivet suspect is armed and dangerous and want to get him off the street as quickly as possible. if you live in the eastern edge of fells point you don't have to walk too far to fine the local watering hole and that's whatmost people do, they walk. but now they say they will be more cautious. >> it's scary because this is a place where lots of people are out and about, and you know you can feel safe because you live in the -- you know, you feel safe because you live in theneighborhood. >> reporter: precautions like walking in a group was not enough to help four young women heading home from a bar. police say this man identified as 26-year-old jerry hercomb robbed all four. police believe he had a weapon and they say he he took cell phones and purses and wallets. >> i think we are particularly cautious and i think most moste people aren't because it feels -- most people aren't because it feels safe. >> reporter: it happened just a block away from ale mary's pub
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and restaurants. customers and employees look out for each other and he says if police are look for jerry, the picture should be posted. >> that would be a good thing to do to keep an eye out for a certain person they are look for, this is what he looks like. >> reporter: a frightening crime that reminds people not to take safety for granted. >> we like to have the boys with us and travel in pairs. >> reporter: and police say the robbery here may be one of several that have happened around the area. if you have any information about that crime or the whereabouts of jerry, call the southeast district detective iewn's at 410-296-2429. christian schaeffer abc2 news. more than 30 people living in aberdeen is undergoing rabies shots after bats were found inside their apartment. we told you about that problem last week. cheryl conner joins us after
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speaking to a woman going through a series of shots. >> reporter: and this woman lives at cranberry run apartments in aberdeen. by phone she can said the property managers have not agreed to pay medical bills and she is not being let out of her lease. but we did see some efforts to keep the bats out. it's enough to make your skin crawl. searching online reviews of cranberry run apartments we found these pictures of bats taken by renters. jeremy says he saw bats in the laundry room about 6 months ago. >> i was doing laundry, taking laundry out of the dryer and a big bat came out i never seen one around here. and i tried to stay out of its way. >> reporter: wise says he can't think to call the property managers -- he didn't think to call the property meaning but since then other -- manager, but since then other residents have had close encounters with bats. now more than 30 people the
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majority from cranberry run are going through shots to prevent rabies, a fatal disease. >> we are looking at individuals who have had bats in their apartments specifically if they've had contact with bats. if they have been bitten or scratched by bats and of particular interest are those to find them in their room. >> reporter: brenda did but the health department said she should be okay. >> i found two in the floor in the closet where the air condition units is at. they were dead and i disposed of them with latex gloves and put them in trash bags. >> reporter: now screens are placed over the vents to keep the bags out of the building. and the hole in the laundry room is patched but more work needs to be done. >> the apartment complex seems to be taking it seriously. >> reporter: seriously for some but it has not been enough for one woman who who had to forgo an on camera interview to get more shots she will wants out of the lease and rent money returned along with medical
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bills paid. we did not hear back from the property managers. in the -- the rebbeies shots are give -- rabies shots are begin as a precaution. they haven't received the bats to test but 1% of bats carry the virus. the health department want to talk to you if you live in the areas. call 410-612-1774. you are asked to let health officials decide if you should receive the rabies vaccine. cheryl conner, abc2 news. it's been nicer the past couple days, but the heat is coming back in full force. meteorologist wyatt everhart is in the weather center. we hope to get one good day without the humidity. >> i think so. tomorrow, the heat will not surge hike it will on sunday and monday but there will be the chance for scattered showers tomorrow we don't see
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that tonight. conditions clear and renegade showers west toward garrett county and deep creek lake. better chance for rain there. temperatures still hovering in the warm zone around 81 in the inner harbor. tomorrow we climb through the 80s and upper 80s by afternoon. a chance for showers and storms on and off afternoon and evening. we will talk about how the heat comes back in force as we go into sunday straight ahead. for the first time in the history of credit ratings, stannard and poors downgraded the united states of america credit rating. the rating-- the agency dropped the u.s. from aaa down to aa plus. the agency says the government didn't do enough to stabilize the country's debt situation this week. a plane from scotland to philidelphia was diverted from the gate after british authorities received a threatening note that said a bomb was on board. the flight was taken from a safe location. a philidelphia airport spokeswoman says passengers got off the plane safely and the plane is being searched as a
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precautionariy measure. the army says it's phasing out one year deployments for soldiers fighting overseas starting next year. it will be downgraded from one year down to nine months including thoseer is informing iraq and afghan-- those searching in iraq and afghanistan. the change is as they are pulling away from afghanistan and pulling out of iraq. high demand units may be called onto serve 12 months. this news comes as we learned a maryland soldier will not come home alive. department of defense announced the specialist died in afghanistan. the 24-year-old was killed when a vehicle rolled over. he was based in germany. however his home was here in silver spring. late tonight a. spokesperson for mayor steffi rawlings-blake -- stephanie rawlings-blake says no more trees will be cut down to finish the grand prix racecourse. david troy started a petition drive to keep them from removing trees to make room for the grandstands. they cut down dozens of trees
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downtown. troy wants race promoters to put up one million bucks to make sure they are replaced and cared for even of this the promoters go out of business. >> in the meantime, week hope for a quick issue ns a of temporary restraining order preventing the removal of trees. >> now we have asked for comment from grand prix official but they haven't returned our calls. look for good food? it's restaurant week in baltimore. and you have an opportunity to try some of the area's top restaurants on the cheap. several dozens of the restaurants from all corners of town are make specialties for you to sample. for $20.11 for lunch or $30.11 for dinner restaurants owners are hoping folks will try a new place to eat. >> they have to bring in -- they hope to bring in lots of new people to try the wonderful food. my husband jeff's wonderful food and come back and be loyal guests. >> people stick to two or three favorite restaurants and know
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into the personal favorites, but restaurant weeks allows them to try new things and make new favorites and new friends i look forward to it twice a year we get to expose ourselves to a brand new crowd. >> restaurant week begins tonight and runs for about another week or so. check with your favorite restaurant for their drink and dinner specials. tomorrow the ravens will be showing off their skills for fans for the first time this season. open practice will be at m and t bank stadium. labor dispute pushed a lot of things back because of the delays. this year, would be -- only one of the practices will be opened. the players are ready to see you and a couple sent out tweets saying they can't wait to see the fans. well, it's not just the pros getting ready for the season, children and teens are getting ready to battle on the gridiron. one former nfl player says doesn't want his children to play tackle football. brad culpepper says it's not safe for the developing brains. >> i can't believe a 5-year-
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old, 6-year-old 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11-year-old's brain is fully developed and he runs -- he gets into a collision and a concussion it will cause long- term if not permanent damage. >> abc2 is working with you to help you make the best decision for your children. our condition cushion guide ex- - done -- concussion guide explains the signs and symptoms and has the results of the helmets. -- has the results of the studies on helmets. leer looking at the twist -- we are looking at the twister that ripped through joplin missouri. and we could soon find out if serial killer ted bundy is connected to many more unsolved murders after some of his dna was discovered in a lab. i know that 80% of my daughter classmates are on facebook. >> and later, are your children on facebook? are they old enough to be on facebook? or should that be your choice to decide. we investigate why so many kids
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are underage and online.
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new video tonight shows the power of the tornado that ripped through joplin, missouri in may. it shows the destruction from the high school from several different angels. the wind tore through the building burning down the walls and flattening a good chunk of the building. three months later the town rebuilding. classes for high school students will be held in the mall when the school year starts in two weeks. the tornado killed 160 people in joplin, missouri and in the surrounding area. and it damaged and destroyed thousandss of businesses and homes. it was a year ago today that the world found out that more than 30 men were trapped underground in a mine collapse in chile. today, car vivers were at a ceremony to honor them and their courageous batel to stay alive. they spent more than two months underground to be rescued. four are in washington, d.c. for an exhibit in their honor
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is being opened at smithsonian. we could know if ted bundy is connected to many unsolved murders. a lab found a vile of his blood and the fbi is suing-- using it to create a dna profile. it was entered into the data base to see if it registers with cold cases. he was executed in 1989 and confessed to 3 dozen murders before he died. tax price cos go down by -- could go down in -- price cos go down 18 cents but it may not be a good thing. it could cause problems for the commute. john matarese explains what this means for you so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: antitax sentiment is gaining steam especially with the economy on the ropes and the stock market down in correction territory. you heard about the first tax to run into a roadblock, the faa airline ticket tax. well the second could be the
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gasoline tax. cnn money reports says there's a call to not renew the 18 cent per gallon federal gasoline tax that expires next month. that may sound like great news for drivers because it would cut the price of gas by 18 cents. but, cnn says it could turn out to be dangerous in the long run. if it's not renewed, you would save an average of 100 dollars a year, but the federal gas tax pays for maintenance on the nation's interstate highways. no tax means no improvements. no repaving and no highway repairs. supporters of the idea however feel highway maintenance should be a state issue not a federal one. which means states would each be responsible for all their roads. it will be an interesting debate. for more reports, go to and click on the money tab so you don't waste your money. i am john matarese. and in health news problems with insurance after a man says he can't get coverage because
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raymond johnson is diagnosed with breast cancer, rare dis-- a rare disease in men. a friend found a program to provide medicaid for breast cancer patient and he was denied for being a man. >> right now, i am just stuck with these bills and trying to find a way. >> right now johnson is in his second round of chemotherapy. he says the currencies tem isdiscriminating against him for being male. today's children are plugged in from an early age accessing the internet from anywhere to keep the tween set safe. most popular social networks have a minimum age requirement. but many parents are letting their children log on anyway. why? joce sterman is sharing the policy and the concerns for kids who get social online at a very, very young age. >> reporter: like many of us, 5th grader annikaa loves facebook. >> i post pictures.
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i play games. >> reporter: the problem, well technically she shouldn't be on the social network. she is 11 years old. on sites like facebook, myspace and youtube users are required to be 13 or older. but millions of kids are finding a way to join the digital revolution early. >> i know that 80% of my daughter's classmates are on facebook. >> we are seen 10, 11, 8 and 9- year-old getting on. >> reporter: but internet safety expert says the minimum age is set at 13 because of the children's online privacy protection act. >> it requires websites marketing to children or that are aiming towards children to require parental consent. the reason why sites like facebook and youtube don't try to get if a rental con-- parental consent is it would be unwielding. >> reporter: they are lying about their age creating a fake id online. some create an account behind their parents back and others ask permission and then work with mom or dad to set up a profile. >> with the study done that
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showed that 37% of 10 to 13- year-old under 13 were usingfacebook and if you took all social network it was up to 50%. >> reporter: rather than risk an unmonitored account her mom held her digital hand. >> you wouldn't give your kids the key to the car and ask them to drive at 16. i don't want to give her the keys to the internet at 13. >> reporter: a lot of parents have this same opinion. and that worries parenting experts like dr. susan newman. >> you really are teaching your children it's okay to tell small lies. your child is going think this is not a big deal. i mean, my mother set me up an under age facebook account, so i can tell her i am not really drinking or i didn't really smoke much marijuana. >> reporter: dr. newman worries children under 13 may not have the internet savvy to avoid poe text threats. >> when you are -- potential threats. >> when you are hit everybody is doing it, you have to
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remember a parent's job is to say no to set limits. >> reporter: we contacted facebook, my space and youtube and facebook responded and saying it recognizes there's no perfect solution when it comes to age verification on the web. when facebook discovers an underage account it deletes theaccount as quickly as possible e says he understands why many parents help the underage children. if you are one of them e. suggest laying down -- them e. suggest laying down ground -- them, he suggest laying down ground rules. >> make sure you are your child's friend. >> have the account password and keep a open dialogue. >> talk to them about the safety issues and about what's appropriate and what isn't. >> reporter: sharon monitors friend request and limits computer time. >> because they know i am watching, the less likely they are to do something that's seriously damaging. >> reporter: for social network safety tips and advice, log onto we have a few links to help parents like facebook and a statement from facebook regarding kids
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under the age limit on the social networking site. joce sterman, abc2 news. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> not a bad friday at all. temperatures generally down in the 80s. and humidity was moderate. nice night in the city. panoramic view of downtown baltimore tonight. and people are out and about. why not. the weather is decent. 76 out at the airport. a little warmer downtown. humidity up is at 70% plus but air temp is not bad. 85 the high today. 86 normal i think we are right about there again tomorrow. normal temperature range around 86 and 87. we have been as hot as 104. here's one way to come off in bethany -- way to cool off in bethany beach. get us your shot on the wmar facebook page and we will get it on air. let's show outtime-lapse videos from -- you the time-lapse
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videos from across the state. that held up for most of the day. yeah, a few late day cloud but no rainmakers and tomorrow we will see a better chance for rain. so i hope you enjoyed the blue skies today because that changes, i think, tomorrow. maryland's most powerful radar is clear tonight. but we will look for increasing clouds tomorrow. and the chance for showers even a thundershower. temperatures low 70s now. and again, the moisture point, the dew point numbers in the 60s. so it's slightly humid but not that steam bath humidity. all that is down in northern virginia. tomorrow, we look upper 80s fells point and federal hill. a mix of cloud and sun and again, there will be the chance for some hit and miss showers through the afternoon and evening. so, you know, as you go out and have an outdoor event, realize there could be rain at times especially later in the day. and right now we don't see much out there across the mid atlantic. but to the south and west, there's weather brewing a little more of an unsettled pat are across the east for 24 hours. scattered showers and storms
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down in the south -- pattern across the east for 24 hours. scattered showers and storms out. down to the south. the boundary is keeping the hot air bottled up. mid-80s today down to roanoke but they were cooking in texas and across most of the southeast u.s. so, futurecast shows minimal chances for rain although there will be showers out there as we go through the day. the showers that look like they will be west of us, i have a feeling they could drift east and i have a feeling it may be underdoing it. so look for possible showers and storms tomorrow afternoon. sunday, the chance there as well especially in the afternoon. by the way, all that's left of emily is remnants a60% chance it will redevelop. 60, 70% chance it will redevelop mock into florida as we go into the weekend. so keep an eye on that. 70 mostly cloudy, muggy tonight. tomorrow, you know, bearably cloudy, a mix of sun. 87, 86 in there. and there will be the chance forshowers and storms in the afternoon. we will keep the chance in
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tomorrow evening. it's a tricky forecast but there will be chances for showers tomorrow and perhaps even into the early part of sunday. your seven-day forecast, look at the heat coming back. 93 sunday, 9 # on monday. and hot and humid conditions, though. we think we get back to normal temperatures for august middle of next week. rosie. after spending last two weeks on the road, the o's take on the toronto blue jays at home and the end result was all too familiar. the bird jumped out to a 2-zip lead on a adam jones homer but blue jays scored two in the second and two in the third. o's are 23 games under .500 on the season. coming, a way to turn your e-mails into snail mail but we have a look at what he coming up later tonight after abc2 news at 11:30. terry. >> well, coming up on night line we ride along as cops crackdown on counterfeit luxury
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goods. are the fake handbags and designer jeans financing a criminal underworld. and the latest evolution of the planet of the apes film franchise. coming after abc2 news at 11 on night line.
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some kids may not know what old fashioned letter writing is all about. technology made everything electronic. and everyone e-mails, texton and posts and tweets and a group is working on a project to go back to the basics called snail mail my e-mail. you e-mail a volunteer who hand writes it and adds a doodle and mails it to you want. the ultimate in laziness.
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most are love letters and the creator says it's a way to make the world less cold and impersonal. the last place you expect to see a price off the small road. in the like room of a mobile home. this is 150-year-old painting is blessed by pope leo 13th titled the true faith jesus christ base on the cloth used to twiep wipe jesus face. man who had it had no idea how valuable it was and he says he got it as a present and hung it up on the wall 20 years ago. let's get one last look at forecast. all right. let's check it out. temperatures are not too bad out there right now. low 70s. >> very nice. >> probably upper 60s on the map by daybreak tomorrow. your saturday forecast, a little mix here. we will see a mix of sun and clouds early on. and i think that thereby the chance for scattered-- there will be a chance for scattered showers late afternoon and evening. it will be a chance for shower but not a washout. >> all right. we will be right back.
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